Application areas

Thermal bridges

Calculation of thermal bridges

Interior insulation

Ventilated roofs / facades

Mold growth


  • Thermal bridge calculation with assessment of hygric problem areas (surface condensate, internal condensate)
  • Dimensioning and evaluation of interior insulation systems
  • Assessment of ventilated facades , ventilated roofs
  • Transient calculation of the year-round heating energy requirement (taking into account the moisture-dependent thermal conductivities )
  • Drying (basement, building moisture, flood, …)
  • Calculation of mold growth criteria
  • … and other applications

Klima & Randbedingungen

  • Rising moisture with altitude-dependent pressure
  • Climate database included
  • Inclusion of various types of radiation (e.g. long- and short-wave, diffuse/direct etc.), driving rain or air pressure possible
  • Use of any (own) climate
  • Import of climate formats possible: TRY, IWEC, TMY2, WAC/HRY
  • Locally very finely resolved assignment of climate possible, e.g. in joints
  • Import of climate data from our own room climate calculations (Software Therakles)
  • Definition of only temporary influences (climate or accident) possible
  • Gravity can be taken into account
  • Cooling of surfaces by running rain


Material database
  • Accurately checked, verified material functions
  • Variable material properties
  • New material properties and materials can be defined
  • Detailed information on all material properties possible
  • Extensive material database included
  • Three-dimensional, anisotropic material properties (DELPHIN 6 only)

Betrachtung von Details

  • Definition of any initial conditions
  • Arrangement of time-dependent moisture and heat sources in constructions, e.g. due to accidents)
  • Very flexible creation and assignment of result outputs (monitor points)
  • Mapping of wall or underfloor heating or ceiling cooling possible
  • Inclusion of pipe flows
  • Arrangement of air exchange rates in air-filled cavities of the construction
  • Definition of contact conditions in the design (liquid water resistance or vapor transport resistance)
  • Consideration of external long-term storage
  • Long-wave radiation exchange in cavities
  • Air flow model included
  • Ingress of moisture through leaks in wooden structures based on WTA leaflet 6-2
  • Regulation of the water balance in flat roofs
  • Inclusion of PCM materials (currently in progress)

Ausgaben & Visualisierung

  • Very flexible, versatile creation of diagrams and 2D and 3D images
  • Very large range of result outputs: temperature, humidity, water quantities, water content in vol%, m% etc., degree of saturation, ice formation, capillary pressure, over-hygroscopic humidity, sources of heat and moisture and much more
  • Calculation of freeze-thaw cycles
  • Calculation of mold growth according to the VTT model (Viitanen)
  • Calculation of wood destruction according to the VTT model (Viitanen)
  • Calculation of wood degradation by fungi according to WTA leaflet 6-8
  • Output of energy, moisture (steam and liquid water) and air flows
  • Isopleth systems with regard to mold and wood degradation
  • Laminar air flow in areas of the construction

Weitere Funktionen

  • One, two and rotationally symmetrical three-dimensional (DELPHIN 5) or fully three-dimensional calculations (DELPHIN 6)
  • Several calculations can run simultaneously
  • Creation of “batch” files possible
  • Automatic or manual discretization possible
  • Consideration of VOC transport possible
  • Any start time can be specified
  • Project files editable with text editor





The files listed here are provided without support or guarantees of any kind.

Limitation of Warranties and Disclaimer

The software to be downloaded here was developed in compliance with scientific diligence and recognized rules of technology, in particular recognized programming rules. However, the authors assume no liability for incorrect building decisions based on the software. The same applies to the variability of products and materials. Since there can also be deviations in this regard between the measured values of the measured materials or materials according to the software database and current products - even with the same product name - the results of the software calculation must also be checked in this case with building physics expertise.
Unfortunately, the development team cannot accept any liability for direct or indirect damage caused by the installation and use of the programs. A corresponding data backup before using the software is required.
By performing the program download, you declare that you are aware of the information listed above and accept the limitation of warranty and exclusion of liability.

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