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thermal bridges

Calculation of thermal bridges

interior insulation

Ventilated roofs / facades

mold growth


  • Thermal bridge calculation with assessment of hygric problem areas (surface condensate, internal condensate)
  • Dimensioning and evaluation of interior insulation systems
  • Assessment of ventilated facades , ventilated roofs
  • Transient calculation of the year-round heating energy requirement (taking into account the moisture-dependent thermal conductivities )
  • Drying (basement, building moisture, flood, …)
  • Calculation of mold growth criteria
  • … and other applications

Klima & Randbedingungen

  • Rising moisture with altitude-dependent pressure
  • Climate database included
  • Inclusion of various types of radiation (e.g. long- and short-wave, diffuse/direct etc.), driving rain or air pressure possible
  • Use of any (own) climate
  • Import of climate formats possible: TRY, IWEC, TMY2, WAC/HRY
  • Locally very finely resolved assignment of climate possible, e.g. in joints
  • Import of climate data from our own room climate calculations (Software Therakles)
  • Definition of only temporary influences (climate or accident) possible
  • Gravity can be taken into account
  • Cooling of surfaces by running rain


material database
  • Accurately checked, verified material functions
  • Variable material properties
  • New material properties and materials can be defined
  • Detailed information on all material properties possible
  • Extensive material database included
  • Three-dimensional, anisotropic material properties (DELPHIN 6 only)

Betrachtung von Details

  • Definition of any initial conditions
  • Arrangement of time-dependent moisture and heat sources in constructions, e.g. due to accidents)
  • Very flexible creation and assignment of result outputs (monitor points)
  • Mapping of wall or underfloor heating or ceiling cooling possible
  • Inclusion of pipe flows
  • Arrangement of air exchange rates in air-filled cavities of the construction
  • Definition of contact conditions in the design (liquid water resistance or vapor transport resistance)
  • Consideration of external long-term storage
  • Long-wave radiation exchange in cavities
  • Air flow model included
  • Ingress of moisture through leaks in wooden structures based on WTA leaflet 6-2
  • Regulation of the water balance in flat roofs
  • Inclusion of PCM materials (currently in progress)

Ausgaben & Visualisierung

  • Very flexible, versatile creation of diagrams and 2D and 3D images
  • Very large range of result outputs: temperature, humidity, water quantities, water content in vol%, m% etc., degree of saturation, ice formation, capillary pressure, over-hygroscopic humidity, sources of heat and moisture and much more
  • Calculation of freeze-thaw cycles
  • Calculation of mold growth according to the VTT model (Viitanen)
  • Calculation of wood destruction according to the VTT model (Viitanen)
  • Calculation of wood degradation by fungi according to WTA leaflet 6-8
  • Output of energy, moisture (steam and liquid water) and air flows
  • Isopleth systems with regard to mold and wood degradation
  • Laminar air flow in areas of the construction

Weitere Funktionen

  • One, two and rotationally symmetrical three-dimensional (DELPHIN 5) or fully three-dimensional calculations (DELPHIN 6)
  • Several calculations can run simultaneously
  • Creation of “batch” files possible
  • Automatic or manual discretization possible
  • Consideration of VOC transport possible
  • Any start time can be specified
  • Project files editable with text editor

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