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File Size Type Last Modified Download
MASTERSIM Version 0.9.5 - Windows 64-Bit 17.50 MB EXE 2023/02/06 Download
MASTERSIM Version 0.9.5 - MacOS 64-Bit 14.68 MB DMG 2023/02/06 Download
MASTERSIM Version 0.9.5 - Ubuntu20.04 amd64 3.82 MB DEB 2023/02/06 Download
MASTERSIM Version 0.9.5 - Ubuntu22.04 amd64 3.86 MB DEB 2023/02/06 Download
MASTERSIM Version 0.9.5 - Linux 64-Bit 3.59 MB 7Z 2023/02/06 Download

More recent versions of MASTERSIM are hosted on github, where you can download the source code, publish feature requests and bug reports. This page also contains the entire model and developer documentation:



License Information

MASTERSIM is freely available as free (open-source) software under the BSD License. This means that the MASTERSIM program library or parts of the source code can also be used in commercial applications. However, I would be pleased to receive information about the use of the software, preferably via e-mail to Dr. Andreas Nicolai (andreas.nicolai [at]

It is both an FMI Co-Simulation Master and a programming library. The Functional Mockup Interface for Co-Simulation in version 1.0 and 2.0 is supported. Using the functionality of version 2.0 functionality, various iteration algorithms are implemented that utilize the ability of an FMU to reset the state, thereby improving the stability of the simulation. MASTERSIM is actively developed at the Institute of Building Climatology at TU Dresden and Bauklimatik-Dresden GmbH. The MASTERSIM installation programs for the various platforms are hosted on GitHub.

License Types

Description Price (excl. VAT)
BSD License
This license for the commercial use of the software (expert opinions, industrial projects, etc.) is personalized for one user. There are annual costs here. In the first year, an additional start fee is charged. If COND is used by several people or on several computers at the same time, a corresponding number of licenses must be purchased. Please ask for a volume discount.

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