MASTERSIM Documentation


MASTERSIM can be controlled by scripts, for example for variation studies. For this purpose, project files are saved as simple text files and can be easily created/edited with scripts. The actual simulator is available as the command line tool MasterSimulator, which can be called by scripts.

Simulations-Szenarien mit mehreren FMU Instanzen

MASTERSIM supports multiple instantiation of the same FMU within a simulation scenario. There is a defined directory structure and FMU-specific root directories are transferred to each FMU slave so that FMU instances do not overwrite each other when writing their own output. This also enables the simultaneous execution of several simulation scenarios (master simulation versions) using the same FMU.

Unterstützung bei der FMU Entwicklung

MASTERSIM can be configured using command line arguments so that FMUs are unpacked automatically or already unpacked FMUs are used. This allows shared libraries/DLLs to be compiled in debug mode, which MasterSim then loads instead of the DLL packed in the FMU. This allows external debuggers to be used to test the behavior of the FMUs in the co-simulation scenario. You can also fix errors in the modelDescription file directly without having to repack the FMU each time.

Fehler, Funktionswünsche, Danksagungen und Beschwerden

Error reports/request systems can be created as issues/tickets on the GitHub project page.

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