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File Size Type Last Modified Download
COND2 Version 2.4.1 - MacOS 64-Bit 16.40 MB DMG 2023/02/05 Download
COND2 Version 2.4.1 - Linux 64-Bit 16.27 MB 7Z 2023/02/05 Download
COND2 Version 2.1.3 - MacOS 64-Bit 11.39 MB DMG 2023/02/05 Download
COND2 Version 2.4.2 - Windows 32/64-Bit 12.00 MB EXE 2023/01/18 Download


License Information

COND enables the fast and convenient creation of hygrothermal component analyses and expert reports thanks to its high level of user-friendliness and automatic reporting.

Annual fees apply for the licenses. Payment of this fee entitles you to support and updates for one year. You can also get help with application questions by phone or email during this period.

License Types

Description Price (excl. VAT)
Commercial License
This license for the commercial use of the software (expert opinions, industrial projects, etc.) is personalized for one user. There are annual costs here. In the first year, an additional start fee is charged. If COND is used by several people or on several computers at the same time, a corresponding number of licenses must be purchased. Please ask for a volume discount.
100,- € per year, 100,- € start fee
License for teaching and training
This license is exclusively for teaching and training and the use of the software on several computers in PC pools. This license is only issued for a limited period of time.
This license is for students who want to use COND in their training or studies. The license may not be used for commercial projects. In order to receive this license, please email us proof of your student status after installation, e.g. B. a (scanned) current semester certificate from your official student account, e.g. E.g. These licenses are limited in time.
Demo / Test
This license is exclusively for testing the COND software and is limited to 30 days. Any processing of commercial projects is prohibited.
This price list is valid from October 1st, 2017 to December 31st, 2023.

We can only provide limited support for academic, student and demo licenses. As a rule, however, we try to answer any questions students may have quickly, as we want to actively promote education in this subject area.

License request

Software Product Selection
Selection of the desired license type

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