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The CCM Editor is a software tool for creating, checking and editing climate data sets in c6bformat, which are then used in the IBK simulation programs DELPHIN, THERAKLES and NANDRAD. CCM is an abbreviation for Climate Calculation Module, the central library for climate data handling and calculation of climatic effects, which is used equally by all IBK simulation programs.

Climate data can be available in very different forms, from measurement data to station data, individual files (e.g. ccdfiles) and in tabular form. The sources of error resulting from the processing and interpretation of data are just as varied.

It is difficult or even impossible for simulation programs to map all these variants completely automatically. In addition, many interpretation rules would then have to be configured by the user. This is one reason for the c6bformat, which follows very strict rules as an input format for the component and building energy simulation, thus reducing the load on the simulation programs.

The models usually implemented in hygrothermal building component simulation programs and building energy simulations require the data stored in the c6bformat. Instead of implementing different model variants or conversions between climate data in the individual simulation programs, the conversion of the data is carried out as a pre-processing step. With the c6bformat, the simulation programs receive a standardized, verified format and therefore do not have to perform the (error-prone) conversions, e.g. of the radiation loads, again themselves. For this reason, normal radiation data is also stored in the c6bformat in order to avoid the problem of radiation load limitation in the case of grazing incidence.


Software tool for creating, checking and editing climate data sets.+
Central library for climate data processing and calculation of climatic effects of all IBK simulation programs.+
Enables the import and editing of climate location data in 3 formats (*.c6b, *.epw, *.wac).+
Data exchange with spreadsheet programs (Excel, LibreOffice-Calc, etc.) including generic text format import wizard.+
Conversion from direct horizontal radiation to normal radiation during import+
A detailed manual is available for further information.+
Creation of data records using flexible time points and data points or exclusively with full hourly values.+
Entered values are immediately checked for validity, incorrect values are not accepted and reported.+
and it is available for download free of charge!+
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